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A very old, popular, unique and traditional Cuban game played with a set of five poker dice by children and adults alike.  Poker dice have the playing cards Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 printed on their six faces, but it can just as easily be played with a set of five standard ordinary dice.  When played as a drinking game the losers buy the winners' drinks.  Strategy is knowing what to roll for by judging what previous players have rolled.


Order of play is determined by each player rolling a single die with the highest rolling first and then with subsequent play passing to the left.

Each player takes it in turn to roll the dice.  In each turn, players have up to three rolls, setting aside any dice they want for their final hand. The object is to roll a hand of five-of-a-kind.  All other hands are meaningless.  Aces are wild and can be matched to any other value. A number of rounds are played and the winner of a game is the first to score a total of 10 points (patas).

Only the winner of a round scores any points and must have five-of-a-kind.  If no player has scored with five Kings (Carabinas), then the last player to throw the dice, rolls first in the next round.  A player who throws five Kings (with or without Aces), wins the round or game outright and rolls first in the next round or game.

Hands of five-of-a-kind are ranked and named as below:

Five Aces (Carabina de Aces).  Scores 10 points.
Five Kings with no wild Aces (Carabina de Kings Naturales).  Scores 5 points.
Five Kings including wild Aces (Carabina de Kings No Naturales).  Scores 2 points.
Five Queens (aka Cabangas) including wild Aces.  Scores 1 point.
Five Jacks (Javas) including wild Aces.  Scores 1 point.
Five Tens (Gallegos) including wild Aces.  Scores 1 point.
Five Nines (Negros) including wild Aces.  Scores 1 point.



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