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Also known as Bunko.  This game was said to have been developed in Chicago during prohibition.  It is a simple, fast moving game played with three dice for each group of four players that requires both score sheets and tally sheets.  It has long been played by groups of players all across the USA, who meet up for drinks and food and a game of Bunco.  Teams play in leagues and members often hand on the tradition to their children, so continuing the practice.

The only skill in this game is to roll the dice as fast as possible and increase your chances of scoring points.


Players have a blank tally sheet to record their progressive scores as the dice are thrown and a score sheet to record their results after a game.  Score sheets are drawn up with four sets of numbers from 1 to 6

Players sit in groups of four (often at separate tables) with three dice.  The head group announce or ring a bell to start the round.  Players then roll the dice and continue rolling the dice until the head group signal they have scored a Bunco or 21 points.  Other players may score higher and with Bunco's, but continue play until signalled. 

     A Bunco is a target three-of-a-kind and scores 21 points. 

     Any other three-of-a-kind scores 5 points.

     Any other target number rolled scores 1 point.   

Six games are played with the target numbers 1 to 6. 

Players use their tally sheets to record their ongoing scores for a game and are partnered with the player opposite them.  So players score for both their rolls and their partner's.

Within their groups of four, players pass the dice to the next player once they fail to roll a scoring die or three-of-a-kind.  Just keep rolling and passing the dice around.

Once the head group signal they have scored a Bunco or a total of 21 points, the players with the highest total win and mark this on their score sheet. 

The winning group then take their positions up as the head group and all players change partners.

Four rounds consisting of 6 games are played, and the winner is the player with the most games won, as marked on their score sheet. 





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