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Buck Dice

Three dice are all that's needed for this game, and chips or money if you wish to gamble.


To start the game, the order of play is determined by each player throwing a die with the highest, throwing first.  The player with the lowest throw must roll a die again and the value thrown becomes the point number for the first game.

Each player takes turn to roll the dice and continues to throw them as long as they roll the point number.  Once a player fails to roll the point number, the dice pass to the next player.  Players announce how many times they have rolled the point number after each throw. Three point numbers in a single throw is known as a big buck or a general and a player who throws this automatically withdraws from the game.  A throw of three-of-a-kind other than the point number is known as a little buck and scores 5 points.  Once a player has reached a total of 15 points (a buck or game) they withdraw from the game.  Should a player's throw take them over a total of 15, then the throw is void and he must roll again.  Play continues until one player is left: the loser.


Another version of the game is played in which a player with a total of 13, rolls with only two dice, and with a total of 14, rolls with a single die.

This game can be played for stakes producing a winner not a loser.  Each player puts one unit into the pot at the start of the game.  The first player then throws a single die to establish the point number.  This first throw is known as a mulligan.  The point number must be a 4, 5 or 6 and if they don't achieve this on the first throw, they re-throw until they do and must additionally put a unit into the pot for every throw after the mulligan that doesn't produce a point number.  They then play the game as before, each player in turn, throwing and re-throwing the dice as long as they score.  Scoring differs from the previous description.  A point number scores one point, but two point numbers in a throw scores a little buck (5 points).  Three dice of any value other than the point number scores a little buck too.  A throw of three point numbers (a big buck) wins the game automatically regardless of the scores so far.  Additionally, combinations of lower numbers that add up to the point number score a point.  So, for example, with a point number of 5, a throw of 1, 2, 2 will score one point; 2, 3, 5 scores two points; 1, 4, 2 scores one point.

Any player who hasn't scored by the end of the game, must add one unit to the pot unless the game was won with a big buck.





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