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Big Six

A casino game that doesn't use dice, but instead uses a 'wheel of fortune' with dice faces painted on it.  There are 56 sets of three dice faces around the edge of the wheel.  Players bet on a layout showing six die values. 

If a player bets on 1 and 1,2,4 comes up on the wheel, they win 1 unit plus their original wager. If 1,1,5 comes up, they get 2 units back and their original wager.  And it follows that if 1,1,1 comes up they get 3 units as well as their original wager.

Along the same principles of Chuck-A-Luck, the casino is hoping for pairs and triples to come up.  The wheel will have a disproportionate number of these pairs and triples.  This is a mugs' game with a huge House edge and should be avoided.  



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