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Also known as Bugs.  Only one die is required.  Essentially for children, this game was first marketed by Schaper Toys in 1948 as Cootie.  Players rolled a die and pieced together a plastic flea, according to the numbers rolled, from parts supplied in a box.  It is now just as easily played with a pencil and paper.  Special dice are available that have the six faces marked with letters corresponding to the beetle body parts - B-ody, H-ead, L-eg, E-yes, A-ntenna and T-ail.


Each player has a pencil and paper and in turn rolls the die and draws a body part corresponding to the number rolled.

  • 1 = Body
  • 2 = Head
  • 3 = A Leg
  • 4 = An Eye
  • 5 = An Antenna
  • 6 = The Tail

A player, however, cannot start drawing the legs, tail, and head until a 1 has been thrown for the body; and cannot draw the eyes and antennae until a 2 has been thrown for the head.  The beetle must have a body, a head, two antennae, two eyes, six legs and a tail.  The player who finishes drawing a beetle first, wins the game.


Completed Beetle


Use two dice to speed up play, or even develop a more complex beetle to draw.

Another version is played in which players score a point for each part of the beetle they draw.  A series of games are played and the player who reaches an agreed total first (say 50 points), wins.




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