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Also known as Barbooth, Barbotte and Even-Up Craps.  This is a betting game played with two dice.  Any number of players may take part but only two at a time.  Barbudi originated in the Middle East but is played in Canada by players of Middle Eastern descent, in the USA within the Greek Community and also in Mexico and Eastern Europe.  It can be found played in some casinos and clubs where the House will take a small percentage of the losing bets.  This is because the odds of winning or losing in this game are even.


Each player throws a die and the highest becomes the shooter and the player to his right the fader.  Play rotates anti-clockwise in this game.

The fader puts up a stake.  The shooter covers part or all of the bet and other players, in turn, may cover what is left or make side bets with one-and-other.  The shooter or fader may decide not to bet at all, in which case the dice are passed to the next players.

The shooter and fader roll the dice alternately, the shooter rolling first.  Either of the two players wins the bet if they throw a 3-3, 5-5, 6-6, or 5-6.  They lose if they throw 1-1, 2-2, 4-4 or 1-2.  All other combinations are meaningless.

As long as the shooter wins, loses with a 1-2, or the fader wins with a 5-6, the player's roles remain unchanged for the next round.  Otherwise the fader becomes the shooter and the next player the new fader.


Some players play what is known as a two shot game.  In this version the fader can stipulate a two shot decision when he puts up his stake.  Throws of 6-5 and 1-2 win and lose only half the bet.  In this event, the shooter or fader can decide to end the round there.  If the fader won, then they become the new shooter.

If both players agree to a second throw, then the shooter throws again first if he won, and the fader throws first if he won.  The second half of the bet is then decided as before.  If either player wins both decisions, he takes the stakes.  Otherwise both players withdraw their own.

Once a two shot decision round has been played, both players lose their roles, regardless of who won, and the players to the right of the fader become the new shooter and fader respectively.




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