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This game was invented by a US soldier, in the Philippines towards the end of The Second World War, who lacked playing-cards to play Poker. Sometime later in the 1970s a Danish man called Niels Lumholdt, who was working for Thai Airways, learnt how to play the game and named it Balut. "Balut" is the Filipino name for duck eggs which are sold by street sellers who call out "baluuuut!" when trying to sell them. The game was further developed in 1979 by Soren Milholt, who added incentive point rules. It is a very popular game within Denmark and Danish people abroad who gather together to play. It is played with five dice and a score-sheet for each player.


Each game consists of 28 rounds in which players try to score four separate times for each of the seven categories marked on their score sheet.







Score Points
Full House          
  Total Score  
  Total Points  

In each turn a player has up to three throws rolling the dice, setting aside any they wish to use for a category and rolling the remainder.  They do not have to use all three throws and may stop after the first or second.  Players must fill in a score for a category after each turn but once it is used they may not change it.  It is quite common for a player to enter zero for a category because they are unable to fulfil its criteria. Categories may be filled in any order.

  • 1: Fours Scores total of all the fours rolled.

  • 2: Fives  Scores total of all the fives rolled.

  • 3: Sixes Scores total of all the sixes rolled.

  • 4: Straight Either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (small straight) or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (large straight), which scores the total of the five consecutive dice values rolled, 15 for a small straight or 20 for a large.

  • 5: Full House Three-of-a-kind and a pair which scores the total of all five dice values.

  • 6: Choice No pattern required, which simply scores the total of all five dice values.

  • 7: Balut Five-of-a-kind which scores 20 plus the total of all five dice values.

After each player has had 28 turns and all the categories on their score sheets have been filled, the scores are totalled. Players then get points for fulfilling certain criteria for their category scores. The points awarded for each category score are as follows in the table:

Required Category Score Points Awarded
Fours scores more than 52 2
Fives scores more than 65 2
Sixes scores more than 78 2
All Straights scored 4
All Full Houses scored 3
Coices scores more than 100 2
Each Balut scores... 2 each

Players then score one set of further points for their score total, as shown in the following table:

Total Score Points Awarded
0 - 299 -2
300 - 349 -1
350 - 399 0
400 - 449 1
450 - 499 2
500 - 549 3
550 - 599 4
600 - 649 5
650 - 812 6

Players' points are then totalled and the player with the highest points total, wins the game. 29 points is the maximum score possible in a game.

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