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Also known as Aces To The Centre, Deuces To The Left and Fives To The Right.  A popular game in Asia, particularly the Philippines.  This is similar to Aces in the Pot but is played without counters, but instead, with each player starting the game with five dice which they lose according to the numbers they throw.  This game is usually played for a pot.


Order of play is determined by each player throwing five dice with the highest ranking Poker or Indian Dice hand throwing first and the next highest second and so on. 

Each player in turn throws their dice.  Any 1s rolled are put in to the centre of the table and are eliminated from the game.  Any 2s thrown are passed to the player on their left, and any 5s are passed to the player to their right.  They continue their turn, throwing their remaining dice, until they fail to throw a 1, 2 or 5 or until they lose all of their dice. 

Play continues round the table until the last die in play comes up as a 1 and the player who threw it, wins the game.


Another version played, simply reverses the outcome.  The last player to throw a 1 is the loser.



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