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Dice Themed Slots You Need To Play


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Ask anyone to think about gambling and more likely than not, they will think of dice. Even though a number of popular games such as poker, slots, and roulette do not use dice, it is a universal symbol of gambling that everyone can relate with easily.


The exciting part about dice is that even though they are not an essential aspect of many casino games these days, they do pop up occasionally in some form or another. Whether you are playing the newest slots or bingo games and networks that are social and may or may not be part of Gamstop, dice are more than likely to make an appearance in the form of symbols or graphics. So, to help all of you aficionados, here are some interesting slots that are based around the concept of dice.   

Dice and Roll

Undoubtedly, all the technological progress has led to some truly spectacular slot games that come packed with astounding graphics. However, sometimes players just want to go back to the basics, and for that Dice and Roll is the perfect slot. This 5-reel slot has limited graphics and is reminiscent of the classic fruit machines. The wild card symbol of the game is a dice, no surprise there, and players have 10 pay lines to continue winning regularly. The game also has a boost feature that lets you increase your profits after a winning spin with a 50/50 gamble.


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Flaming Dice

Flaming Dice is an out-and-out dice slot. Everything about the game is in dice, be it the symbols, the numbers, the wild card, and the scatter. The 5-reel game has a total of 40 fixed pay lines which means more opportunities for players to win. The game does tilt a little towards Chinese characters, but that can be expected since modern dice was invested in China. Similar to Dice and Roll, Flaming Dice also has the double-up feature after any and every winning round. This means that if you are ready to take the risk, you can multiply your profits rather quickly.   

Blackbeard The Golden Age

What better way to entice players than by merging two popular themes, pirates and dice. Blackbeard features the infamous pirate on whom there have been movies and books a many. In this 5-reel game, players have the chance to win through 10 fixed pay lines. The symbols are all old-fashion dice, and the soundtrack is quite lively, making you hum along as you go on winning. Keeping true to the pirate theme, the wild symbol is a skull, and the scatter symbol is a ship that you would want on your board for maximum wins. 


30 Spicy Dice

An interesting and straightforward dice-themed slot, 30 Spicy Dice is perfect for when you are feeling nostalgic. The game features a total of 5 reels, which is the standard these days, and consist of symbols that are regular dice and ones with a money pouch or the number 7. A pretty cool graphic in the game is whenever the player wins a round, all the dice flame up. The wild symbol of the game is a pair of dice with chillies on it. With 30 pay lines, there are ample opportunities to win, and the game works best on mobile devices when you want to play on the move.







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