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Best Low Budget Craps Strategies

Craps is a fantastic casino game, filled with excitement and thrill, and there is no other casino game on the top online sites that offers players the chance to place bets at zero house edge. However, players quickly find their bankroll being drained as they make one pass or come after another. It is even harder to manage your bets when the gameplay is so rapid, and short-bankrolled players end up making their final wager soon after they begin playing.

On a low budget, you're not likely to hit the jackpot. Although that would be nice, dragging out your bankroll for as long as possible is the top priority. That way, you can remain in the game long enough to weather that cold table and live through a hot one.

Lowering the House Advantage

Whether you prefer to take the pass line bet or wait for the come, keeping the house edge to a minimum is the best craps strategy. First and foremost, to lower the house advantage, you will want to consider betting the odds. Odds bets in Craps are a special kind of wager because they allow no house edge. This bet is just as the name suggests - it offers true odds of the outcome happening, instead of odds that slightly favor the casino. Betting on the odds isn't profitable for the casino, so the max wagering cap is usually meager. While it may be a deterrent for high rollers, it couldn't get any better if you are on a tight budget.

Two kinds of bets come into play:

     Bet pass/come and take the odds

     Bet don't pass/don't come and lay the odds

Bet pass/come and take the odds

A combined pass bet with single odds takes the house edge well below 1% - about 0.8. A pass bet with double odds will take it even lower to 0.6%. Increasing the number of combined odds bets will continuously decrease the house advantage.

Bet don't pass/don't come and lay the odds

The easiest way to consider this bet is to think of it as the opposite of backing odds with a pass or come. It follows the same trajectory, so taking more of your chances in odds, lowers the house edge single odds (0.7%), double odds (0.5%), triple odds (0.3%), etc.

You will have to stick to one bet at a time, though. If you were to wager on pass/come or don't pass/don't come and then follow it up with one or more odds bets, you would end up multiplying the amount of money at risk, even though the house is at a lesser advantage.

Imagine a table with a minimum bet of $5. Having three numbers in play at the same time would mean you have $15 at stake on a single round, which could be entirely cleared if the shooter rolls a 7. On a $30 bankroll, that's half the money down the drain.

You can risk less and still keep the edge below 1%.

How About Skipping The Odds Altogether?

Taking the odds and lowering the house edge is an effective strategy to minimize losses on a low budget, and crap players might consider it madness to skip the odds bet. The odds are the best deal because they have no house edge, but combined odds bets increase the player's stake, as we analyzed earlier.

Any avid craps player knows the expert betting pattern that says to follow a pass bet with two come bets, and players love the rush of having several numbers working at a time. However, with a limited bankroll, you would want to stick to making a pass bet accompanied by a single come bet afterward.

Ignoring the odds wouldn't be a bad idea since it achieves the aim of extending your bankroll.


A top tip for casino gaming is never to bet more than you are okay losing. This rule applies to all levels of players, but low rollers need to pay greater heed. Whether or not you decide to take the odds, play minimal bets at a time. Most importantly, have a blast while you're at it.



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