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How to approach online roulette if you've never played before

Thanks to the internet, gambling is as popular as ever. Whatever your pleasure may be, whether itís a go on the football or horseracing, or an hour or two on your favourite bingo site or casino site, an increasing number of us have become better acquainted with online gambling in recent times.

For many, roulette comes up top trumps. The wheel is hugely popular in traditional red-brick casinos around the world, from Vegas and Monte Carlo to your high-street local, so itís no surprise to learn that itís one of the most played games online.


However, if youíve never played free online roulette before, approaching the wheel can seem a little daunting. That said, there a few things to bear in mind when playing which will make your early experiences a little easier.

When you first arrive at the wheel it can be easy to fall into the trap of littering bets everywhere, but try to stick to the minimum wager and only play outside bets, so either red or black for each spin. This usually pays evens and covers 18 of the 38 possible outcomes.

If youíre looking to place a more advanced bet and feel youíre ready, place two equal bets on two outside bets, one on an even-money play and another on a column that pays out 2/1 (if you bet £10, you get £20 back).

This would be one bet on black and then one bet on third column which contains eight red numbers, which means thereís a total of 26 numbers the ball may land on with four of these numbers being covered twice. This will increase your chances of a win. Whilst youíll never come rich playing like this, it slightly increases your chances of winning all the same.

If youíre looking for a lower house edge then the single-zero European roulette is for you. The house edge of the European version is around 2.63% which is half of that of the American wheel. This means that for every £100.00 wagered, a total of £97.37 will be paid out.

And sometimes, if youíre lucky, casinos will offer the rule en prison on the European wheel. This further lowers the house edge to a theatrical 1.35%. This rule stands on even money bets, so if you have £10.00 on red and the ball lands on zero, you donít win or lose your stake. Instead it will be wagered on the next spin and will be locked up until it lands on red for a win or black for a loss.

The European wheel tends to be favoured by high rollers due to the low house edge so they tend to boast high minimum stakes. If youíre just starting out or are on a tight budget, then the American wheel may offer a more favourable maximum stake for your needs.

In any case, thereís a ton of roulette games out there so donít be afraid to look about and play a few as youíll soon find your favourite.



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