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The Tower 

A fun drinking game to be played in a bar or pub with a group of friends.  A single die, a number of drinks and some beer-mats or coasters are all that's needed.


At the start of play, a number of drinks are stacked on top of each other in a tower with a beer-mat placed between each of the glasses.

  • Single shot of spirits 
  • Small mixed drink 
  • Tall mixed drink
  • Glass of wine
  • Pint or large glass of beer

Players in turn roll the die.  The first to roll a 6, drinks the top glass. The next to roll a 6, removes the beer-mat that was underneath it. The next to roll a 6, drinks the next drink in the tower, and so on.

Players wait for the drink to be drunk before continuing to roll the die, except on the last beer when players may continue to roll the die.  Should someone roll a 6 before the last beer is finished then the beer drinker pays for the next Tower of drinks.  Otherwise the next person to roll a 6, pays.




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