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Ten Pins

A dice game version of ten-pin bowling, played with two dice and a score sheet.


Ten rounds or "frames" are played in which each player, in turn, has up to three rolls of the dice.  He may leave one or both dice at the end of any throw.  Players score the total number of spots shown after their final throw. 

Any 6s rolled, indicate "the ball is off the alley", scoring nothing for that throw.

5-5 on the first throw, is a "strike" and a player scores 10 points plus the total of the dice made by the last throw.

5-5 made after the first throw, is a "spare" and players score 10 points plus the total of the dice made on the first throw in their next "frame".

After the ten rounds or "frames" are played, players' scores are totalled and the highest, wins the game.

On the first throw, players often throw both dice again if they haven't thrown a 5.  On the second throw, players often throw again with 1s and 2s, but may hold the dice with 3s and 4s.




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