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This game is for any number of players but is best played with six or seven.  Five dice are needed and counters or chips.


Order of play is determined by each player throwing five dice with the highest ranking Poker or Indian Dice hand throwing first and the next highest second and so on.

Each player in turn rolls the five dice and tries to score a total of 24.  If they fail to make 24, they may continue to roll the dice but must leave one of them on the table after each throw.

If they score a total of exactly 24, then they do not lose any counters but they do not gain any either.

If they score a total less than 24, they must give each of the other players the difference between their score and 24.  For example, if their score is 22 they pay 2 counters to each player.

If they score a total greater than 24 then the difference between their score and 24 becomes their point number.  They then throw all five dice again and collect the same number of counters as their point number for all the dice showing their point number from each of the other players.  For example, if their point is 3 and they have thrown two 3s they collect 6 counters from each player (2 x 3).

The winner is the player who eventually takes all the chips. 



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