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An ancient Roman dice game, played with five dice, for two to four players.  You also need coins and cards, but any tokens or counters will substitute for them.


At the start of a game the following number of cards/tokens and coins are placed in the centre of the playing area, depending on the number of players taking part.

4 players: 3 "Venus" cards/tokens, 6 "dog" cards/tokens, and 3 coins

3 players: 2 "Venus" cards/tokens, 4 "dog" cards/tokens, and 2 coins

2 players: 1 "Venus" card/token, 2 "dog" cards/tokens, and 1 coin

Players in turn roll the dice and try to get five-of-a-kind.  Players may keep as many of the previous player's dice and roll the remaining ones in their turn.

A player who makes 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 claims a coin.  A player who makes 6, 6, 6, 6, 6 (Jactus Venereus) claims a Venus card/token.  A player who makes five of any other number (Jactus Canicula) claims a dog card/token.

Once a player has made five-of-a-kind and claimed their reward, they roll all the dice again in the next round.  If a player is unable to claim their card/token or coin from the centre because there are none left, they may take one from another player.

The first player to hold a Venus card, two dog cards, and a coin, wins the game. 



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