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Indian Chief

A fun, bluffing and guessing game requiring one die for each player.  Try to fool other players with your call.


All players simultaneously shake and roll their single die in their closed hand.  Then, without looking, all players place their die against their forehead, holding it by its sides so that only one face is visible, facing outward.

Then each player in turn guesses the total of all the dice faces showing and calls it out.  Obviously this total is the sum of all the other players' dice plus the unknown value of the calling player's own die (1 to 6).  Players must call a higher total than the previous player's or challenge it by saying so.  Once a challenge is made, all the dice are totalled.  If the challenger is wrong, and the true total is equal or greater than the last called number, the challenger is eliminated.  If the challenger is right, and the true total of the dice is less than the last called number, the player who called last is eliminated.  Play continues with the next player to the one eliminated calling first in the new round.  The last player left, wins the game.



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