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Help Your Neighbour

A very old and fast moving dice game for two to six players.  Best played with six.  Three dice and at least ten counters per player are all that's needed.


Each player is assigned a number from 1 to 6, representing the numbers on a die.  If only five are playing, the 6 is ignored.  If only four are playing, both the 5 and 6 are ignored.  With three players, each is given two numbers, and with two players, each is given three numbers. 

Each player in turn rolls the three dice.  If any player's number comes up in a throw they must put a counter in the pot.  For example, if the first player rolls 5, 5, 3, then the player assigned the number 5 puts in two counters and the player assigned the 3 one counter.  The first player to put all his counters in, wins and takes the pot.  A set number of rounds are played with each player taking it in turn to be the first thrower.  




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