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Similar to the game of Yacht but faster, played with only three dice, and with differing scoring categories.  A score sheet is needed to record players' scores.


Crag Score Sheet

Category     Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5 Player 6 Player 7 Player 8 Player 9
Ones               Total of all 1s                  
Twos Total of all 2s                  
Threes Total of all 3s                  
Fours Total of all 4s                  
Fives Total of all 5s                  
Sixes Total of all 6s                  
Odd Straight (1,3,5)  20 Points                  
Even Straight (2,4,6) 20 Points                  
Low Straight (1,2,3) 20 Points                  
High Straight (4,5,6) 20 Points                  
Three of a Kind      25 Points                  
Thirteen (2,5,6 or 3,4,6) 26 Points                  
Crag (1,6,6 or 3,5,5 or 5,4,4) 50 Points                  


Each player in turn tries to score the highest possible amount for each of the thirteen categories on the score sheet.  In each turn, players throw the three dice and may then throw any or all of them again in an attempt to improve their score for one of the categories.  They do not have to use two throws, and may settle on their first.  Players must fill in a score for a category after each turn, but once it is used they may not change it. If a player has used a category and throws dice that are only suitable for it, they must enter a score of nought for one of the unused categories left on the score sheet.  In this case, try to choose a low scoring entry to fill in.  For example, 1s. Categories may be filled in any order.

1 Ones Scores 1 point for each 1
2 Twos Scores 2 points for each 2
3 Threes Scores 3 points for each 3
4 Fours Scores 4 points for each 4
5 Fives Scores 5 points for each 5
6 Sixes Scores 6 points for each 6
7 Odd Straight - 1, 3, 5 Scores 20 points
8 Even Straight - 2, 4, 6 Scores 20 points
9 Low Straight -1, 2, 3 Scores 20 points
10 High Straight - 4, 5, 6 Scores 20 points
11 Three of a kind - All dice showing the same value Scores 25 points
12 Thirteen - Total of 13 but without a double - 3,4,6 or 2,5,6 Scores 26 points
13 Crag - Total of 13 with a double - 1,6,6 or 3,5,5 or  5,4,4 Scores 50 points

After each player has had thirteen turns and all the categories on the score sheet have been filled, the scores are totalled, and the player with the highest, wins the game.





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