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Also known as Ohio and Martinetti.  This game is played with three dice and requires a simple board consisting of a row of 12 numbered squares which can be drawn on a piece of paper.  Players must record their positions on this board by using either counters, initials, or distinguishable coins as markers.



The aim of this game is to move from 1 on the board, up to 12, and then back to 1 again, in sequence.  Each player in turn throws three dice and moves to square 1 if the throw contains a 1.  To move to square 2 the throw must contain either a 2 or two 1s, and to move to square 3 the throw must contain either a 3, three 1s, or a 2 and a 1, and so on.  The value of any single die, the sum of any two, and the sum of all three may be counted.

A player can move more than one place in any single turn by using more than one combination of dice values.  For example, if a player on their first throw rolls a 1, 2, and a 4, they may use the 1 to move to position 1 on the board; the 2 takes them to position 2; the 2 and 1 together to position 3; the 4 to position 4; the 4 and 1 to position 5; the 4 and 2 to position 6; and the sum of the 1, 2 and 4 takes them to position 7.

A player may also move if an opponent overlooks a number that they require.  In this case, any other player, requiring the same number, may claim it, as long as they do so as soon as the dice are passed on.

The winner is the first player to make the round trip from position 1 to 12 and back to 1 again.


Additionally, a player may be allowed an extra throw every time they are successful in moving their marker.





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