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Aces in the Pot

A 1 on a dice is often referred to as an Ace which gives rise to the name of the game.  Players are required to put into a pot or kitty, so chips or counters are required as well as two dice.  Best played with at least four players.


Before the game begins, each player has two counters.  Each player then in turn rolls the dice and may have to lose counters according to the numbers thrown.  If one of the dice thrown shows a 1, they must put one of their counters in to the pot.  If a double 1 is thrown, they must put two counters in the pot (Aces in the Pot).  If a 6 is thrown, the player must pass one counter to the player on their left.  If a double 6 is thrown, two counters are passed to the player on their left (Sixes to the Side).  All other numbers are meaningless. 

Once a player has lost all their counters, they must miss their turn and have to wait for a counter to be passed to them before they can resume throwing the dice.  The player with the last counter then has three throws of the dice and has to avoid throwing a 6.  If they fail and throw a 6, the counter and dice pass to the next player who in turn has three throws of the dice, and so on.  The player who throws the dice three times without a 6, wins the pot. 



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