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Craps- How the Game has Changed over the Years

Craps is a casino game. Itís very popular in the US and it is believed that it comes from an Old English game. The original game was known as Hazard, and that was actually a spin-off from another game which is known as French Crabes. When you play online craps or any version of craps for that matter, you will wager money against the betting provider. This is usually a casino, and when you do put your money down you will be wagering the outcome of two dice. There are many different forms of craps available, from street craps to online craps and even casino craps. If you were to play street craps, you would find that this is a very informal version of the game. People tend to play in alleyways and itís super popular with soldiers too. Casino craps is normally what youíll play if you go to Vegas or a physical casino. Online craps on the other hand is the newest version and itís a very exciting combination of both of the above. This version has been simplified quite a lot to try and give online players the chance to play without having to worry about the rules too much. There are plenty of guides available for you to look up too, and when you do read through them you will soon find that is easier than ever for you delve into the game for yourself.

The Early Origins

Hazard was invented by Sir William of Tyre. It was developed to try and give the knights the chance to pass some time while they waited to seize the castle Hazarth in 1125AD. There is other evidence that shows that craps actually dates back to the Roman Empire. Soldiers used to shave down a couple of pig knuckles until they ended up with a cube. They then threw them into their shields in an attempt to entertain themselves in the camp. This spread rapidly and it formed into the game that you know and love today. Geoffrey Chaucer actually mentioned this game in his work, known as the Canterbury Tales. This is often referenced by scholars and they use it to try and find out more about the leisurely activities that people were once involved in. After it was created, Hazard then spread to various luxurious gambling houses in the 1600s and people became very enthusiastic about the game. Noblemen and even royalty often hosted games and it gave them the chance to host a huge event without having to plan too much. Betting amongst the noblemen was a common pastime and they had so much money that they didnít really even feel as though they ever lost.

The French soon caught on to how popular the game was and they changed the name from Hazard to craps. The main reason for this is because the lowest value that you could get with a dice would be a crab. In the year 1755, the French then lost control of their colony and the territory was soon renamed as being Nova Scotia. The French were forced out and they soon ended up in Louisiana. They brought with them their own language and a level of rich culture that was not present anywhere else. They soon started to refer to the game as creps, and this marked a major turning point for the game itself. A lot of people argue that the game of craps came to America with the very first settlers from England. Itís possible that craps spread from both sides, with each colony bringing their own unique version of the game. In the 19th century, African-Americans started to develop another version of the game so that they could play it on their riverboats. These games were faster, and they were also much simpler when compared to the original game.

The Father of Craps

John H. Winn was once given the title of being the Father of Craps. In the year 1907, he revolutionised the game and he also gave players the chance to bet right or bet wrong. He also improved the layout of the game and introduced a brand-new area. This was called Donít Pass Bets, and this made everything way more interesting. The layout and the betting system changes that the Father of Craps introduced are actually still present to this day. Winnís own version of craps is much-loved and itís safe to say that it has had a substantial impact on the world as we know it.

The 20th Century

Gambling was legalised in Nevada in the 1930s and this brought a huge range of gamblers to the state. Casino craps soon became known as Las Vegas craps and to say that it was an instant hit would be an understatement. It was an insane hit and it soon became compared to a lot of other card games. During WW2, a lot of soldiers played craps to try and pass the time and now there arenít many areas in the world where the game is not known. Crapshooters have always been trying to find ways to beat the house and there have even been some systems developed to try and get the edge too. Some people play with crooked dice and this helps to change the odds. Casinos, of course, do not use dice like this as they like to keep the odds fair but itís safe to say that a lot has changed over the years and now there are numerous strategies that you can use to try and tip things in your favour. The game of craps has certainly come a long way, but it is incredible to see how it has transformed over the years. It started out as being a simple game that was once played in the war and it has transformed into a completely different game that is played across the world. It will probably change even more too, and itís interesting to see how this could impact the game overall.






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