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Security Measures in Land-Based Casinos

Security is a key concern for anyone looking to try their luck at a land-based casino.

You want to know you’re spending your hard-earned money on fair games you actually stand a realistic chance of winning. You also want to know the casino will take action against anyone found to be in breach of their rules.

 Good land-based casinos employ various security measures to prevent cheating and unethical behavior, including:

Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness

Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA) is a revolutionary software designed to mine data and establish connections between specific people.

This amazing technology was developed by Systems Research and Development (SRD), a company acquired by IBM in 2005, for Las Vegas’s gaming companies. This is a major aid in helping venues identify relationships between individuals flagged by the Nevada Gaming Control Board as ‘excluded’.

For example, casinos utilizing NORA can see if a dealer in their establishment has ever shared a residence, hotel room or phone number with suspicious individuals. This empowers them to stop organized cheating that may go undetected otherwise.

The technology’s so effective it has been embraced by Homeland Security in their anti-terrorist activities, as well as banks and insurance firms. 

Security Guards

One of the most common security measures at land-based casinos is a team of guards. They will patrol the casino floor, keeping watch for any suspicious or unacceptable behavior.

In some venues, they may even be armed and wearing plain clothes to blend in, though most tend to be dressed in uniform.

A visible security presence deters visitors considering criminal behavior and helps honest visitors feel more relaxed.

High-Tech Monitoring Equipment

Land-based casinos rely on cutting-edge monitoring equipment to supervise their dealers and customers. As with security guards, visible security cameras remind suspicious individuals they’re being watched at all times while cultivating a safety-conscious atmosphere.

An extensive network of video cameras provides security teams with constant real-time insights into all activity across the venue. They can monitor all tables, all dealers and all customers to minimize the risk of fraudulent acts, such as switching cards.

Any casinos caught being dishonest or treating visitors unfairly will suffer severe damage to their reputation, so it behoves them to keep a close watch over all staff.

Security Measures at Online Casinos

Online casinos have enjoyed explosive growth in the past decade: there are hundreds (if not thousands) of iGaming sites to choose from today.

Obviously, playing online is vastly different to visiting a land-based casino, yet security is just as (if not more) important. Here are some common security measures:

       Random Number Generator: Otherwise known as RNGs, Random Number Generators ensure games remain randomized and fair for all players


       SSL Encryption: Customers must trust an online casino when inputting their credit card details, and cutting-edge SSL encryption (typically 128-bit) keeps your data protected


       Licensing and Regulations: Legitimate online casinos must secure licensing from regulatory bodies (such as the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority etc.) before they can legally serve customers in specific regions. They must comply with all regulations to receive and maintain their licenses


Take the time to investigate any land-based or online casino you plan to visit. This will help put your mind at ease about the security measures employed to protect yourself and your money.



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