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The Best Dice Games You Can Play Online

You may not know it, but there are a lot of different games out there that require the help of a dice. It might sound trivial or obvious to you but certain games simply do not work without a pair of dice. Think of some of the best card games you know, some of them might work without a pair of dice but the only ones that do need them, surely liven up the fun factor of the game. Since the rise of technology, not only have more games been created but the rise of playing these games online has become the latest fad. You might be asking yourself how on earth you're meant to roll a dice via a mobile phone or desktop but actually, it's rather straightforward, it's all with the click of a mouse or a tap of the finger.

This article aims to shed light on some of the best online games you can play that involve the famous roll of the dice.


Craps is most likely one of the most popular games you can play online that uses a dice. Its popularity rose from its simplicity, all you'd need to do is bet on the number you thought the dice was going to land on and if you got it right, you won. There is a long history concerning different online games that you can play, you can check it out here if you're interested. Some players like to play against the casino house, i.e., they guess a number and if they lose, the house wins and other players like to play against each other instead, whereby whoever rolls closer to a certain number wins. It's a complete game of chance and luck, with no logic behind it, which is what makes it so fun and doing all this online from the comfort of your home is tremendous.


This is another game that uses dice to determine a winner or a loser. It's known as an old Ancient English game however the word Hazard actually comes from the Arabic language and quite literally means 'playing the dice'. This game is slightly more complicated in Craps in that there are a few important rules that you need to know before starting. The first player is known as the caster. His goal is to roll the dice until he scores a five to nine and he needs to keep throwing until he gets this. It doesn't matter how long it takes, he does not lose anything by throwing but once he gets one of these numbers, this is his main point. He then throws again to find the chance point. You then need to keep throwing and if you score a 'crab' then you've unfortunately lost and if you score a 'nick' or a 'chance point' again. A bit confusing but once you actually get online and start playing, this should make more sense. You just need to ease into the game before betting properly.

Banca Francesca

This is actually known as a famous Portuguese game but it has been played around the world and is very famous amongst players who enjoy a game of dice. This game is interesting in that the player never actually touches the dice and there are three dice in play, not just two. The croupier is the name of the person in charge of the dice, who actually pops the dice into a leather satchel and then mixes it up a bit. In an online game, there is a visual representation for this, of course.  The player can then make either a big, medium, or ace bet. The big bet means that the sum of the three dice is high, the medium a bit lower and so it goes. The player naturally needs to make this bet right before the dice are thrown. This can easily all be done online, by simply choosing where the outcome is going to be big, medium or ace. 






















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